1. What is Renunciation and how do I obtain a Renunciation Certificate?

The Constitution of India does not allow an Indian national to have dual citizenship of another country. Therefore, when you become a naturalized citizen of the United States, you must surrender your Indian passport and renounce the citizenship of India. The Consulate of India will issue you a Renunciation Certificate, which is a mandatory requirement to get a 10 year visa or OCI Card.

2. OCI stands for Overseas Citizen of India. As US citizen, when I obtain OCI Card, am I considered a citizen of India?

NO, an OCI Card holder is NOT a citizen of India. OCI is simply a visa for the duration of a life time.

3. Can I purchase my airline ticket while my visa application is under process?

You should not purchase a non-refundable airline ticket until your visa has been granted.

4. What documents are required to apply for a visa or OCI?

There are many categories of visa, and each category requires different documents to support the application. Please contact CLB Visa Center at 516.680.8037 to discuss your particular requirements.

5. What is the normal processing time for a visa or OCI?

Processing times vary for different categories of visa at the sole discretion of the Indian Consulate. Normally, a ten year visa takes 7 to 10 working days while OCI can take up to 45 days.

6. Do I have to submit my passport with my application?

You are required to submit your passport with your application for 10 year visa, since the visa has to be stamped in the passport. Since OCI takes up to 45 days, you are not required to submit your passport so you can travel overseas, if necessary. Once your OCI is approved, you have to submit your passport for match-up, after which both your passport and OCI are returned to you.

7. Do I have to submit notarized color photocopies of documents to apply for visa or OCI?

You can bring your original documents to CLB Visa Center and we will make photocopies and where necessary, will notarize your documents.

8. What is ETA Visa?

An ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) is the electronic equivalent of an Indian visa which is issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is a single entry visa which allows stay in India for a maximum of 30 days, and cannot be extended or modified. This visa is not stamped in your passport; instead it is emailed to you and you can present it along with your passport to the immigration authorities at the port of entry in India.
If you need to leave for India in a hurry and don’t have a regular tourist visa, contact CLB Visa Center (516.680.8037) to obtain your ETA visa.

9. How long does it take to obtain an ETA for India?

An ETA can be obtained within 72 hours or sooner.

10. I am a frequent traveler to India. Can I get ETA multiple times in a year?

You can get ETA only two times in a year. If you travel to India frequently, you should obtain a 10 year multiple entry visa or OCI.

11. Can I get ETA visa for any purpose in India?

You only can obtain a short term ETA visa for tourism, business meeting, conference or for any other purpose as long as your stay in India is limited to 30 days.

12. Are there vaccinations requirements to travel to India?

The Indian government does not require any specific vaccinations to travel to India. However, you can check with your doctor for any vaccinations for your travel destinations.

13. I have a valid Indian visa on my old passport, which has expired. Should I apply for transfer of visa to my new passport?

It is not mandatory but recommended. You can also carry both passports for travel without transfer of visa.

14. I have a valid OCI matched up with my old passport, which has expired. Should I apply for transfer of OCI to my new passport?

It is not mandatory but recommended. You can also carry both passports and your current OCI for travel without transfer of OCI.

15. I have a multiple entry visa for India. Is there a limit on the number of times I can travel to India?

NO; with a multiple entry visa, you can travel to India as many times as you wish.

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